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    Trained as a human rights lawyer, Tokunbo Ige is promoting legal literacy among the disadvantaged so that they can use the legal system as a positive force for social and economic development in Nigeria.

    Jyoti Sharma is closing a generational gap in water resource management knowledge by developing a citizen-based water management system run by a competent, decentralized local authority. She involves stakeholders from the community, hydrology experts, business leaders, and local politicians in a process that enables communities to create local pockets of water security.

    Marta Maglio has changed the consciousness and behaviors of thousands of Argentine citizens and health professionals with regards to the importance of breastfeeding as a crucial avenue to ensure the physical and emotional health of parents and children alike. By focusing on the first months of parents’ relationships with their infants, Marta is strengthening family bonds and creating an enabling environment for the development of empathetic skills.

    A Christian minister, Samuel Ngnitedem left his parish to rededicate his life to the street children of Cameroon's cities. Samuel is driven to improve the circumstances of street children fundamentally and to that end has devised effective new ways to reintegrate them into society. Among other things, he is spearheading a movement to retrain social workers in light of the special human service needs of street children.

    Ladislav Hegyi is bringing environmentally friendly manufacturing and waste storage practices to Slovakia by educating the public, creating mechanisms for the reuse of items such as clothing and furniture, and lobbying to incorporate environmental costs into the market price of goods.

    Pedro Chaná, a trailblazing physician, is changing how patients and doctors work together to achieve more effective treatment for chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonias. He created a healthcare community in which all participants—physicians, patients, their families and support groups—are partners in treatment.

    Fausto López has drawn the link between water management–a high-profile problem in Ecuador–and another urgent problem that does not enjoy the same level of public attention: environmental protection. As an environmental activist and public educator, Fausto has demonstrated how to raise and mobilize public opinion and state institutions to protect fragile ecosystems and thereby preserve vital natural resources such as water.

    Nepal’s prisons are poorly run nightmares, characterized by neglect and indifference. This treatment causes undue suffering above and beyond what may be intended by imprisonment. As a result, after serving their sentences, prisoners emerge not rehabilitated and ill-equipped to re-enter society; as such, they most often revert back to a life of crime.

    Csaba founded the Leo Amici Foundation in 1991 to change medical and social prejudices against drug addicts and alcoholics. He is creating a humane, safe, and creative environment for treatment which builds self-confidence and reinforces the assumption of personal responsibility. His private institution has become a model in Hungary for substance abuse rehabilitation.

    A teacher and a teacher trainer, Cynthia Mpati is addressing the massive shortage of qualified teachers in rural black South Africa. She has developed a teacher training program to upgrade teachers' skills and to improve the quality of education. The program has the potential to become a model throughout the South African educational system.