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    In response to the absence of support for the impoverished elderly in India, Gautam Bharadwaj has designed a new system that helps low-income workers financially plan for old age throughout their working lives. Gautam has created the policy and institutional architecture needed to make financial security in old age a reality for the poor.

    Jaime Ibacache-Burgos is developing a new health model in Chile that responds to communities’ specific needs according to their environment and culture. His Salud Colectiva (Collective Health) method promotes integration and equality between those who receive treatment, those involved in health delivery, and the greater bio-medical community.

    Pal Gera created the Foundation for Otters in January 1995 to protect otters and wetlands in Hungary and throughout Europe. Using otters as a means of galvanizing public support for environmental protection, Pal has built a comprehensive program focused on public education and community involvement.

    Hisham Kharma is using an online community-based platform to bring much needed cohesion to a national problem in Egypt: blood donations. Hisham is pioneering the first effort to unify previously scattered and distrusted actors under one umbrella and providing quick and free access to blood for patients in need.

    Teerawat Sripathomsawad is reforming disability care in Thailand from a centralized medical model to one founded on personal care and independent living. Weaving together peer counseling, services at the neighborhood level, and access to personal assistants, Teerawat helps the disabled gain control over their own destinies.

    The mother of a disabled child, Luz Dary Chávez has created the first community- managed center for the handicapped in rural Colombia. The center is serving to improve the lives of the disabled and to help families address issues of shame and hopelessness for their children and relatives.

    Committed to a holistic and collective approach to individual and community health, Alejandra Sánchez Cabezas has created an inclusive, interdisciplinary and social approach that builds bridges among communities and public health and related institutions which enables the former to take a leading role to ensure their own health.

    Lubna Tayyab is offering young Pakistani women a means of escaping the seemingly hopeless cycle of prostitution by providing them access to jobs, education, and health care. By helping prostitutes develop useful life skills and engage in mainstream society, Lubna is enabling them to take control of their futures and improve their neighborhood.

    Agatha is transforming the service sector in Nigeria by professionalizing the hospitality industry through job skills training, standardizing employee-employer relations, and advocacy work.

    James Bevan has developed a global methodology to identify and map flows of illegal weapons into armed conflicts. Through Conflict Armament Research, James collects first-hand data on conventional weapons and ammunition and feeds them into an innovative online mapping tool. By holding every actor to account, James is changing the incentives and capacities of both exporting and importing countries to control weapon flows into conflict areas.