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    Sibiri Salfo Ouedraogo encourages the emergence of a class of farmers who are open to change and ready to meet the issues they face. Salfo proposes examining rural activities in order to identify the challenges and uses the elders’ knowledge to find adaptable solutions.

    Blinded by measles at the age of three, Peter Tiamiu grew up with a hunger for learning and reading that led him to develop a Braille "desktop publishing" project. He is now creating a network of Braille centers across Nigeria to produce reading materials and provide Braille literacy training.

    Lone Koldby is humanizing long-term care for the elderly in Norway by placing activity and social interaction at the center of the care regimens in nursing homes and empowering their occupants to play active roles in designing those regimens and reclaiming their rights as senior citizens.

    Recognizing that the teenage years are not simply a “holding pen for adulthood,” Charlie Murphy is helping youth discover who they are, what they can do, and how they can make a difference now. Through a new model of youth work based on creative engagement and partnership, Charlie Murphy prepares adults to work side-by-side with teens, inspiring youth to find their creative gifts while at the same time discovering their own.

    Disruption of family life, poverty, social and spiritual ills - all byproducts of Thailand's "urban migration". Villages, decimated by shrinking populations, are paying the price for the country's rapid development. Utis Buddhasud is helping to keep villages and families in the impoverished Northeast together by creating model programs which offer families a healthier future.

    Hayrettin Karaca has dedicated his life to tireless advocacy and support for the protection of soil and natural habitats, combining successful entrepreneurship with effective environmental leadership. Through his work, Hayrettin has mobilized more than half a million citizens to become active members, volunteers and donors.

    Dr. Salimata Wade is changing the urban Senegalese food culture and building a new nutritional African gastronomy to prevent and treat the chronic diseases that are becoming endemic in urban areas.

    Hasan Mahmud Khan is working with employers and employees in the informal food service sector to introduce career and life skills development, leadership training and social responsibility.

    Nick has played a vital role in building a powerful youth movement on American Indian land that reconnects younger generations with their cultural and spiritual identities and leads them through a transformative process to become the innovators and energy behind a new era of community-led development.

    Alpha Fall and Ashoka Fellow Julia Harrington are working to strengthen and enforce international law in the Gambia and across Africa by training human rights and development organizations to monitor abuses and implement regional human rights agreements.