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    Regina Cabral is tranforming the education system in the state of Maranhão and beyond to ensure that all educational opportunities crafted for youth are closely integrated with their own development needs and that of their communities. Regina is infusing the public high school curriculum with professional and entrepreneurial education thus unleashing the true productive potential of each region where she works.

    Margarita Griesbach is improving the Mexican legal system by bringing cases before the Supreme Court that highlight procedural flaws, contradictions, and mistakes in the justice system. The Court’s rulings then provide guidelines that protect all parties in future cases and pave the way for systemic reform.

    Paulino Decanini created Transparencia Médica, now Primedic, to offer preventive health care services, especially to the most vulnerable social sectors of the Mexican population.

    In rural Mexico, where one in every four children is malnourished, Dr. Andrés Randazzo has stepped outside his medical role to tackle health problems through simple eco-technologies that provide families with basic necessities such as clean water and adequate housing.

    Molara Otujo, the founder of a successful pre-school program for middle-class children, is now helping those responsible for the rudimentary backyard and hallway facilities that serve poor children add significant elements of educational enrichment and safety.

    Waclaw Idziak is helping rural villages improve their social and economic status through the development of unique business ventures.

    Kasmiati, a member of the historically oppressed Sasak minority group in Indonesia, is a catalyst for the social and economic emancipation of her sisters. She is the founder of a steadily growing mutual help association of poor Sasak women producers and traders, and she has begun convening all the groups concerned with Sasak women in order to develop a common strategy and to encourage collaboration.

    Ron Layton is creating global mechanisms that provide poor producers in developing countries with a full range of intellectual property tools that allow them to develop sustainable businesses and compete more fairly in overseas markets.

    Jan (Honza) Korytar; is preserving and reintroducing native biodiversity in the forests of the Jizerské mountain region. In the face of destructive logging activity, his organization is busy recreating natural ecological patterns and involving citizens from around the nation to lend concrete shape to the idea of sustainable life.

    Gusti Ketut Puriartha (Gus Krobo), a Balinese deeply concerned about the inequities of resource allocation in Indonesia, is building a popular movement for citizen participation in development planning.