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    Les abeilles au service de l'environnement de Bruxelles !


    L'environnement de Bruxelles est désormais protégé par des abeilles !

    By creating the first viable, sustainable and scalable alternative to the existing nuclear power production system, Julien Noé is helping transform the existing electricity market in France. Julien’s grassroots cooperative model incentivizes citizens to rethink their consumption practices and offers a real boost to the country’s renewable energy production capacity.

    In a society where discussing about religion in the formal and unformal education systems is taboo, Marine is opening new public conversations with teachers in schools and other professionals engaged in education. She empowers them to approach this topic peacefully and demonstrates why knowing and understanding religions is a necessity for everyone to grow as an effective citizen.

    Développer des solutions collaboratives face à la précarité énergétique


    A l’été 2015, Ashoka et la Fondation Schneider Electric, sous l’égide de la Fondation de France, ont lancé un partenariat visant à identifier, soutenir et développer les réponses les plus innovantes à la précarité énergétique.

    Fermes d'Avenir : "La permaculture, une approche innovante pour nos territoires"

    "Appuyée par un comité scientifique composé d’experts agronomes et d’acteurs des filières, l’association Fermes d’Avenir a

    #LeadYoung - Sarah Toumi


    Enfant, Sarah Toumi monte sa première organisation d'aide aux enfants du village de sa famille. Aujourd'hui elle a créé un mouvement de lutte contr

    Kevin Lee is enabling vulnerable communities in the Philippines to demand, create and sustain water and sanitation systems through a new governance approach that simultaneously channels consumer needs and increases local government capacity to deliver.

    Grégory Gendre is building a new environmental paradigm by setting up a national network of professional and local recycling communities. Grégory has proven the economic and environmental efficiency of local waste management, from collection to treatment and production of added-value recycling products and services.

    Yaşar is the founder of Beyond İstanbul, centre for spatial justice, which reverses the currently negative eco-political, dynamics behind Turkey’s destructive urban development through knowledge production, awareness raising, and creating participatory models for different stakeholders.

    #LeadYoung - Ara Kusuma: Since 10 years old, changemaking for the love of cows


    What if everyone grew up following their passions to change things in their communities for the better? What if we all felt supported by their families, their schools, their neighbors? Our fast changing world today demands a new set of skills: to see a problem, understand it deeply, develop a solution and form a team to make it happen. This is what Ara did from the age of 10 in Central Java, Indonesia. Her story shows how an early start at changemaking set her on a changemaking pathway for life.