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    In Memory of Marcelline Ouédraogo


    The global Ashoka community deeply mourns the loss of Marceline Ouédraogo of Burkina Faso, founder of Groupement Férminin Songtaaba.

    How One Ashoka Fellow Has Made Systems-Changing Impact on Brazilian Biodiversity


    Ashoka Fellow Clóvis Borges has been working since the 1980s for the protection of the red tailed parrot—which thanks to his efforts has gone from being a ‘vulnerable’ species to an ‘almost endangered’ species. 

    A Special Power for Wildlife: Tackling Trafficking


    Ashoka Fellows like Dener Giovanini and Oscar Moctezuma are combating animal trafficking in Latin America.

    A Special Power for Wildlife: Web of Life


    A web of Ashoka Fellows dealing with wildlife works with monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, elephants, tigers, capybaras, whales, manta rays, and much more. Each has developed a new, big-scale, pattern-changing approach to protect wildlife. As entrepreneurs, they take every factor and force into account.

    UNLEASH: Most innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) 


    UNLEASH is a new, global initiative that brings together 1,000 young academics, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and tech experts annually.

    A Special Power for Wildlife


    Ashoka Fellows on every continent have pioneered one important new way after another to give wildlife a future. Discover how their innovations and increasingly close collaboration are key to opening a way forward for wildlife.

    The Ivory Game


    The Ivory Game goes undercover into the dark and sinister underbelly of ivory trafficking.

    Two Ashoka Fellows Honored with the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship


    The Skoll Foundation, renowned for celebrating social entrepreneurship and innovation, has selected six groundbreaking innovators from across the w