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    What does leadership mean in the 21st century?


    Something remarkable happened in the three years between 2008 and 2011 that fundamentally challenged our perception of leadership.

    Your Old Team Will Lose The New Game — Don't Be Sidelined!


    What do you do when the game you have prepared for your whole life has changed? This is the question I posed in The Changemaker EffectOur centuries old one-leader-at-a-time past has given way to a new everyone-a-leader present. Leadership in this context requires everyone to see the big picture and advance solutions that contribute to positive change. This new game demands very different skills and a new kind of teamwork. Here are 10 things you need to know:

    Everything You Change Changes Everything


    It’s time for a reality check.

    Compétition "Co-création Social & Business : collaborer pour plus d'impact"


    Organisée par Ashoka, la Fondation du Sommet de Zermatt, la Fondation Guilé, DPD et Boehringer Ingelheim, la compétition "Co-création Social & Business : collaborer pour plus d'impact" avait pour but de donner une caisse de résonnance aux initiatives de co-création lancées, sourcer des projets de co-création et créer une émulation saine pour encourager la co-création.

    Fill your teammates' emotional tanks


    Winning requires not just playing at your best, but helping your teammates play better too, s

    Reflect within. Listen without.


    Our social systems often encourage us to suppress our innate capacities for empathy.

    Flatten hierarchy


    Empathy is a lifestyle, not an event, says Ashoka Fellow and Founder of Threshold Collaborative Alisa Del Tufo

    Integrate the personal and professional


    Cultivating empathy is as much about modeling it yourself as it is developing it in others, s

    Listen to others' needs


    Empathy isn't about presuming what another person needs, says Prospect Sierra's Mark Basnage.