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    Chris Underhill has created a movement in the field of mental health that expands existing talent in local communities and puts the mentally ill and their families in charge of resolving challenges. Chris has spread his model across the developed and developing world, and in this process normalized the integration of the mentally ill into society as active and engaged citizens.

    Denise Dora, a lawyer and long-time defender of women's rights, is combating gender and socio-economic inequalities in Brazil by increasing women's access to the justice system, training poor, disenfranchized women to fight for their rights in the legal sphere.

    Michael Sani is revolutionizing youth democratic participation by creating a generation of young changemakers who have the skills and confidence needed to embark on a journey of lifelong political engagement. With less than 45% of those aged 18-25 registered to vote in the UK, politicians have little incentive to consider the needs of young people when framing policies, creating a vicious cycle of further disenfranchisement.

    Volker Baisch is changing the way corporate Germany and German society understands and encourages fatherhood by offering opportunities, education, and support for men in the workplace and beyond.

    Since Garth Japhet founded Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication in 1992, he has successfully managed one of the world’s leading campaigns for public health education. Through its ground-breaking drama series, Soul City, Garth has educated and empowered viewers, and in his program Heartlines, he has established an initiative to promote positive values on a national level.

    Ana Lúcia Villela is promoting healthy childhood development in Brazil by implementing the first citizen-led mechanisms to regulate the advertizing industry. Ana Lúcia is thus empowering society to honor children and to protect them from the harmful effects of an increasingly consumerist culture, such as childhood obesity and materialism.

    News and media organizations have always played an essential role in free and democratic societies by connecting individuals to vital information about events and decisions that shape their worlds. These organizations are quickly losing relevance in an increasingly interconnected society where almost anyone can access and create free news.

    Arvind Kejriwal uses a new state law to fight corruption in India, training ordinary citizens to secure transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

    Marta Echavarría has created a model for establishing water markets among traditionally non-cooperating upstream and downstream users, across public and private lines, which finance sustainable watershed management and conservation.

    Through "Right To Play," an athlete-driven international organization, Johann Olav Koss is working with children, youth and adult coaches in some of the most difficult circumstances in the world, such as refugee camps. His programs aim at bringing about behavioral changes and enhancing children's holistic development through the medium of sport and other games.