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    Mithela Haque Shares the Power to Bloom


    Mithela Haque experiences firsthand how many girls in Bangladesh believe that they are not very clever, not very good at science, not meant to trav

    Become an Ashoka Youth Venturer



    Emerging Insights 2018: Youth


    With 1.8 billion people, 25% of the total global population, between 10 and 24, strategizing a better future for young people is of utmost importance. Our Fellows this year are helping to resolve the youth paradox by recognizing the importance of personalized and local context in facilitating opportunities for young people to lead.


    Announcing the Finalists of the @15 Community Impact Challenge


    Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Best Buy Co., Inc.

    Millennial Social Entrepreneurs Are Making Their Own Education


    “The biggest risk today is being part of the old world.” – Bill Drayton

    What is higher ed student "success" in the age of social innovation?


    “I believe it is the universities who are not student-ready,” said Adam Bush, director of curriculum at College Unbound, during the “Student Access and Success” workshop at the AshokaU Influencer. The workshop sparked a debate about why success, like access, in higher education continues to be such a challenge for American students.  

    In Memory of Mohammad Ibrahim Sobham


    The global community of Ashoka deeply mourns the loss of fellow Ibrahim Sobham.

    Changemaker School de Tourouzelle : une école où curiosité rime avec liberté !


    Changemaker School de Tourouzelle : une école où curiosité rime avec liberté

    Réinstaurer l’envie d’apprendre en rendant l’enfant libre de ces apprentissages. Florian Loupiac, professeur de l’école primaire de Tourouzelle (Aude), a révolutionné sa façon d’enseigner.