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    Shifting a Paradigm in Europe: From Subsidies to Investment


    Never before have financial indicators dominated news like today, but perhaps the most important indicator for competitiveness of our societies rem

    “Each of us can be a part of change.”


    In Ireland, Change Nation was officially launched by An Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny and a buzzing community of excited supporters and you

    Q&A with IBM’s Tony Tenicela: Empathy, Diversity, and the Keys to Corporate Turnaround


    We put a lot of energy into building camaraderie among employees and management alike, which is absolutely critical to maintaining empathy and mutual respect. We’ve developed a strong virtual community, so that employees get to know each other across team and managerial lines. It doesn’t replace face-to-face, but it absolutely enhances the employee experience.

    Is Business the Place where Social Impact Happens Most? Ashoka Fellow Ben Powell Thinks So


    My interest in entrepreneurship as a tool for development began after I started a miniature golf business in Puebla Mexico.

    A Business Perspective on Scaling Impact at Healing Fields Foundation


    For Healing Fields Foundation (HFF), hosting an Executive in Residence was a new experience that opened our minds to an international business envi

    Combining Passion and Purpose: A Conversation with Western Union and Agora Partnerships


    Declan Daly reflected on what the Executive in Residence program means to Western Union and what he brought back from his placement, including his experience working with Agora-supported entrepreneurs at CO2 Bambu, a provider of environmentally friendly materials for long-term housing in Nicaragua. Agora Chief Strategy Officer, Dorrit Lowsen, also shared what Declan’s placement meant for Agora Partnerships.

    How Business Can Lift People Out Of Poverty: 4 Insights From The World's Best Social Entrepreneurs


    How do you profitably sell to a customer who earns less than $2 per day?

    How are Innovative Leaders Helping Redefine ‘Value Creation’ Across Sectors?


    How do we overcome cultural, economic, and geographic barriers to create large-scale social change?