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    Rosario García y Santos has established a national organization that is helping rural women throughout Uruguay enhance their status, improve their quality of life, and find alternatives to urban migration.

    Iheoma is challenging the patriarchal nature of Nigerian politics by encouraging and preparing women to seek positions of authority at all levels of governance and bringing women to the forefront of decision-making bodies.

    Starting in Kenya, Adam Tuller aims to meet the growing demand for fuel that has led to deforestation, through an ambitious tree planting enterprise that draws on the strengths and contributions of science, the citizen sector, and business.

    Ngozi Iwere is the first in Nigeria to develop a model program for HIV/AIDS prevention that targets and involves the entire community instead of focusing on small high-risk target populations.

    Norman Atkins seeks to reinvent teacher education through a “nurse practitioner” model of teacher training that focuses on practice above theory, and that links teacher certification to demonstrated results in the classroom.

    An educator with 25 years of experience, Javier González has created a didactic game to teach basic skills such as reading, writing, and math to illiterate adults as well as school children.

    Hana Malinová is combating the spread of HIV and other STDs among prostitutes in the Czech Republic. She has opened a counseling center that provides a wide range of services for these women and men, and is working to reintegrate them into mainstream society through the creative use of community theater.

    Promachote Traiwate is helping small scale rural producers to open new marketing channels which will allow them to sell their products directly to urban consumers.

    By focusing on what he sees as a critical group–young leaders in Pakistan's emerging, rural middle class–Lal Jan is returning control of rural development practices to local people to build consensus, design plans, and allocate resources according to the will of the people rather than to the dictates of tribal chiefs or powerful landowners.

    Salina is achieving equity in access to elderly housing and care in Bangladesh, by tying the needs of high income and low-income communities. Through an innovative cross-subsidy financial model, her network of care- centers ensures that provides safe, dignified and quality housing and care services for the elderly and disabled from different socio-economic backgrounds.