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    As scientist from the isolated coastal rainforest region of Colombia, Mabel stimulates sustainable economic development in biodiverse areas by connecting ancestral knowledge, science, and entrepreneurship to create a “bioeconomy.”

    Mariana breaks with the poverty cycle and develops a Social Reintegration and Gender Equality Model of young woman. Through her organization Laboratoria, prepares them to technical and socio emotional level to give their first step in a career. At the same the time Mariana is able to find quality employments to hundreds of women in Latin America.

    From Subsistence Farming to Fair Trade - Empowering Women in Burkina Faso: Ashoka Fellow Marceline Ouedraogo


    By improving the quality of Shea Butter production in Burkina Faso, Marcelline Ouedraogo has enabled a significant increase in income to more than 3,000 women across the country. 

    Abdelaziz is popularizing medical information in the Arab region. He is doing so by facilitating access to medical information by creating and publishing updated, authenticated, Arabic medical content online. He is also facilitating the connection between medical doctors and patients, by enabling patients to ask questions and doctors to answer them with a variety of options instantly.

    Formation gratuite pour les entrepreneurs sociaux : Définir le cadre d'impact


    Une formation gratuite, en ligne et auto-guidée apprend aux entrepreneurs et aux acteurs de changement, peu importe le stade de

    Premiers jours à Station F : dans les pas de Môm'artre - Les Echos


    Mom'artre, fondé par la Fellow Ashoka Chantal Mainguené, a rejoint le

    In Memory of Marcelline Ouédraogo


    The global Ashoka community deeply mourns the loss of Marceline Ouédraogo of Burkina Faso, founder of Groupement Férminin Songtaaba.

    María is transforming the apparel industry in Europe by creating an open and scalable strategy implemented across the whole value chain that promotes a sustainable and affordable textile production and consumption.

    Les outils pour développer un projet d'entrepreneuriat social


    Retrouvez les outils recensés par Ashoka vous permettant d'aborder les étapes essentielles dans la construction de votre projet

    Singa accompagne les réfugiés dans leur projet entrepreneurial - LesEchos.fr


    Lancée en 2012, l'association SINGA a pour vocation de créer des lien