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    Adriana Labardini has launched ALCONSUMIDOR, A.C., the first citizen organization (CO) in Mexico to transform the field of Mexican consumer rights through the use of class-action lawsuits as well as widespread consumer education and information campaigns.

    José Mario is improving local governance by promoting communication between community leaders working across government, private, and civil society sectors. By creating dialogue where there was none before, José Mario is building a system of governance that functions more efficiently and more accurately represents and serves the public.

    Gilda Henríquez Darlas has developed a universal primary-school education program to equip children with the tools to become self-aware moral actors. Gilda is convinced that all people have the potential to develop empathy, compassion and wisdom if only given the opportunity to do so, which is the most fundamental purpose of her Universal Education model.

    Starting with his own Maasai community, Dennis Ole Sonkoi is helping pastoralists recognize and capitalize on the economic value of their livestock and other local resources, thus turning their increasingly threatened way of life into a sustainable source of income.

    Planning consultant Raul Jungmann is tackling nothing less than the entire justice and security system in Brazil, working to reform its archaic institutions through popular participation.

    Using volunteers trained in clown techniques, improvisation, and communication skills, Andrés Aguilar is promoting a culture of volunteerism and civic engagement throughout Mexico.

    Egídio Guerra is presenting youth in northeast Brazil with an alternative to unemployment, poverty, and violence: small businesses with a competitive edge. He is creating channels for young people to enter the job market and establish their own businesses, organized into economically viable clusters.

    Merlong is helping small farmers in the state of Piaui overcome historically defeatist attitudes to become more productive. Through CERMO, a non-profit educational and consulting organization he co-founded, he hopes to help the region's small farmers become more productive and combine to achieve greater market power.

    Ismael Ferreira is working to make Brazil's declining sisal industry competitive and to put more profits into the hands of the crop's many small producers. Grown in the dry Northeast, sisal is a drought-resistant cash crop that helps these farmers stay on their subsistence farms.

    Jane Sieh works with adolescent girls from the slums of Campinas, SP, offering them an alternative to life on the street.