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    Incalculable Impact, Please?


    When is impact legitimately "incalculable?" Is a limited ability to wrap metrics around your impact ever acceptable or desirable?

    European Commission Initiative Will Unlock Social Sector's Potential


    Social businesses make up just 10 percent of European ventures. The European Commission wants to see more.

    Growing Aid Where it Matters Most


    When famine strikes, as it did last year in Somalia, international agencies begin asking for funds to feed starving and malnourished people. &

    The Necessary Allies: Jobs and Environment


    Two of the world’s most urgent tasks—protecting the environment and creating jobs—both have enormously broad public

    Is Business the Place where Social Impact Happens Most? Ashoka Fellow Ben Powell Thinks So


    My interest in entrepreneurship as a tool for development began after I started a miniature golf business in Puebla Mexico.

    Get the Scoop on Peace through Prevention Next Week


    Peace will be the flavor of the next week.

    Stand Up to the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurship in Europe with Europ Assistance


    Since 2010, the Europ Assistance Group (EA) has made social entrepreneurship its leading commitment in the Corporate Social Responsibilit

    Live Social Intrapreneurship


    How can the world address some of the greatest social challenges in a way that is both sustainable and scalable?

    Future Forum Cheat Sheet: How To Create The Corporation Of Tomorrow


    Social entrepreneurship is evolving into a global movement, and it’s rendering the standard nonprofit/for-profit dichotomy obsolete.

    What a Pro Bono Experience Taught One Western Union Leader about Shared Value and Empathy


    As an Executive in Residence, I spent two weeks working pro-bono with the Projeto Quixote—an organization founded by Ashoka Fellow Auro Lescher that is devoted to rehabilitating street kids who have struggled with drugs—to improve their financial sustainability model.