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    Ashoka Changemaker Schools


    Students are learning the essential skills of empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork a

    Ashoka Support Network


    Unlike traditional philanthropists, ASN members are changemakers who fully apply their creativity, energy, and connections to effect positive socia

    Ashoka Executive in Residence

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    Ashoka U


    Ashoka U’s global network of 150 colleges and universities is advancing an education that develops interdisciplinary, en

    The Ashoka Globalizer


    Great business ideas go global to serve customers around the world. By contrast, no such market forces are at work in the social sector.

    Ashoka Social Financial Services


    Ashoka Social Financial Services is inspired by the idea that the market has the potential to profoundly improve the quality and character of people’s lives. Unfortunately, the market is not working as well as it could. We are incubating a new strategic focus that seeks to create Well Functioning Markets, where creating value by fostering a broad range of structural innovations generates profits.

    Ashoka Youth Venture


    In a world of constant change, how will your home, school, community, or workplace adapt if outdated approaches continue to determine how young peo

    Youth Venture


    La prochaine génération doit penser de manière empathique, diriger de façon collaborative, organiser une culture d’équipe, résoudre les problèmes e

    Sélection et Accompagnement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux


    Il y a plus de 35 ans, Ashoka fut l’organisation pionnière du secteur de l’entrepreneuriat social.

    L'Ashoka Support Network


    L'Ashoka Support Network : soutenir l'innovation sociale