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    Sonia Ben Ali, Urban Refugees : "Il faut soutenir les solutions que les réfugiés développent eux-mêmes"


    "A force d'entendre parler de la douleur de l'exil et du déracinement, quelque chose a résonné en moi" ; la fellow

    A passionate educator, Helena Todd has devised a new method of child development with the objective of preventing economically disadvantaged students from failing in school. Her holistic model integrates intellectual, social, and emotional development techniques with active family participation to promote confidence and success in the classroom.

    Schools and teachers are expected to raise young people ready to tackle today’s challenges, yet teachers’ education fails to prepare them for this role. Robert Greve educates a new generation of teachers, and is broadly redefining the role of teachers, empowering them and their schools to open up to and make use of the wealth of external expertise and offers available in their surroundings to shape truly multi-professional schools advancing students’ education.

    Jorge Soto is engaging citizens, government, and institutions through in an active dialogue about social change and a real-time examination and monitoring of social systems by utilizing innovative online platforms and web-based tools. Through Jorge’s work, governments receive citizen reports, citizens gain power and ownership through a collective voice, and institutions are better able to serve their communities.

    Cecilio Solis is identifying a positive result of globalization—increased tourism and travel—and building a national network of small and medium tourism enterprises that benefit from business development support, a strong unified brand, and increased access to new clients.

    Sunita Satyarthia, a lawyer from Jaipur, Rajasthan, is using strategic combinations of the law, the press, and institutional reform to change ancient patterns of discrimination and brutal behavior against women.

    Sueli Camargo has developed a comprehensive professional training program for teenagers in São Paulo's slums, teaching them the personal presentation skills necessary to succeed in a competitive job market.

    James Whelton, a natural builder, teacher, avid entrepreneur, and tenacious tech expert, is creating a youth movement of citizen coders to spread a mindset shift in young people based on mentorship, inclusivity, and community-driven action.

    Tomás Despouy is cultivating changemaker skills in students from vulnerable areas in Chile. Integrating these skills into the classroom, Tomás is making students protagonists in their own education and that of their peers. The students, as change agents, then infect their schools and neighborhoods, collaborating in a network to replicate this leadership, community by community.

    Willy Pessoa Rodrigues has designed an integrated, holistic model combining technology, low cost and community involvement in planning for small-scale agricultural production. Already implemented in 170 communities in five states, the model contributes to economic and environmental sustainability and is helping to stem the abandonment of rural communities and migration to urban centers.