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    Bringing Education to Haiti: University of the People Begins Classes


    Ashoka Israel Fellow Shai Reshef recently arrived in Haiti to welcome the first Haitian youth into

    Laura White on the Disruption Needed in Higher Education: Empathy


    When you ask Laura White about reforming higher education, she doesn’t suggest lofty bureaucratic changes. She doesn’t talk about funding, tuition, or budget cuts. When White envisions positive changes in education, she sees one principle as the fulcrum: empathy.

    MITx: One Small Step for MIT, One Giant Leap for Higher Education


    Almost a decade ago, MIT created a stir in the education community when it launched its OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative to provide free, open access to course material for its undergraduate- and graduate-level courses to anyone, anywhere.  At the outset, many questioned OCW’s value—as well as the value of learning online.

    Reinventing the Scholarly Article in the Digital Era


    Carroll asked, “Why are we talking about publishing papers? We need to reinvent what the scholarly article is in the digital era of today.”

    What is higher ed student "success" in the age of social innovation?


    “I believe it is the universities who are not student-ready,” said Adam Bush, director of curriculum at College Unbound, during the “Student Access and Success” workshop at the AshokaU Influencer. The workshop sparked a debate about why success, like access, in higher education continues to be such a challenge for American students.  

    How is Higher Education Preparing Students for the 'Real World?'


    Innovation is a popular trend within higher education. And with good reason. Students and faculty today more than ever are exploring opportunities to innovate while making a difference in the world. And as the pursuit for this type of learning model continues, the education community is searching for ways to develop more meaningful intersections between student pedagogy and social value.  

    The Women Saving Higher Education


    Higher education may be notoriously resistant to change, but at this point, the writing's on the whiteboard, so to speak. Ashoka U founders Erin Krampetz and Marina Kim are the among the entrepreneurs determined to shake things up and disrupt the system.

    Announcing the 2013 Ashoka U – Cordes Innovation Award Winners


    As more and more colleges and universities seek to launch and grow social entrepreneurship programs on campus, there is an even greater need to sha

    Scouting the Sweet Spot Between Purpose and Profit


    This is the eighth post in a new series highlighting some of the most high-impact and replicable innovations in social entrepreneurship education through the lens of the 2013 Ashoka U – Cordes Innovation Awards winners