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    Empathie von Anfang an


    In einer von Wandel gekennzeichneten Welt stehen wir als Gesellschaft vor komplexen Herausforderungen.

    Empowering teachers to empower young people


    Living and thriving in a new world —

    Sektorübergreifende Unterstützung für Roots of Empathy


    In über 80 Ländern sucht und findet Ashoka herausragende Unternehmerpersönli

    Good Grief! Is It Possible to Bridge Our Differences?


    "From the outset, our end-goal was one of culture change. People woke up and realized they were in relationships only with people that looked like them and believed in the things they believed. They wanted to break out of that, but didn’t know how. So we decided to stage an intervention."