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    How kids in Omaha transformed lives by playing Secret Kindness Agents


    One evening, a grandfather told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all. One is evil....the other is good.

    How can we develop family guidelines around conflict for children?


    After some happy outdoor play, I heard my son E run straight up to his bedroom and slam the door.

    Autonomiser les enseignants, pour donner plus de pouvoir à la jeunesse

    Vivre et s'épanouir dans un monde nouveau.

    The Children's Wellbeing Initiative


    The Children's Wellbeing Initiative is focused on securing wellbeing for every child in the United States, from infancy to 12 years. We’re interested in supporting caregivers, fostering  changemaking  and breaking cycles of trauma and invalidation. Kids need to feel valued by the individuals and systems that affect them—no matter their race, class, gender, sexual orientation or ability.

    Canada: Recommend a Changemaker School


    Ashoka Canada is currently searching for innovative schools in Canada that prioritize empathy as a learning outcome.

    De nouvelles compétences pour une nouvelle société


    Pour changer le monde, changeons l'éducation.

    Canada: Recommandez une Changemaker School


    Ashoka Canada cherche des écoles innovatrices dans les régions de Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo et Montréal qui privilégient l'empathie comme une mesure d'apprentissage.

    Changemaker Education Summit - Du 19 au 22 octobre 2016


    Connecter et rassembler les pionniers de l'éducation pour co-créer des stratégies de transformation du système éducatif.