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    Bigger Than Me: Leaders who look beyond themselves to scale their ideas


    Mahatma Gandhi didn’t kindle panic and fear in the mighty British empire only because he was a determined man on the march; it was also because swa

    Solution-based Journalism


    The Right Livelihood Award and Ashoka Switzerland launched the initiative for Solution-Based Journalism (SBJ) within Ashoka’s Swiss Changemaker Program on November 24, 2015 with well-known journalists such as Frank Senn (SRF) and Judith Wittwer (Tagesanzeiger).

    Who Cares


    Meet Attila Mong - A Storyteller-in-Residence


    Hungarian journalist Attila Mong made news himself in 2010 when he publicly protested a controversial and repressi

    Sparknews et Les Echos à l'heure du journalisme de solutions - L'Express


    Le journalisme d'impact a le vent en poupe. De quoi s'agit-il ?