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    New Trends: We Want YOU to Solve the World's Problems


    What do General Electric, the Obama administration, and Ashoka have in common?

    Harnessing StarPower for Social Change


    Adam says, 'The Glam Nation Tour is all bout LOVE, so let's LOVE on some classrooms and help them get their glam on!'

    Raising Cash for Good in a Bad Economy


    How to raise cash in today’s seemingly cash-deprived environment is a question that a lot of organizations are grappling with.

    Doing good is CLASSY


    Nominees for NBC’s CLASSY Awards are on the web, and five Ashoka

    Shifting a Paradigm in Europe: From Subsidies to Investment


    Never before have financial indicators dominated news like today, but perhaps the most important indicator for competitiveness of our societies rem

    Empathy and Teamwork Are Key for Building Innovation Ecosystems


    Maybe Ashoka is onto something after all! It wasn’t more than 15 minutes into this week’s Global Innovation Summit + Week that empathy came up in the context of creating innovation ecosystems. The predominant metaphor for the week is that of a rainforest, where we may all be competing for a finite amount of sunlight at the top, we must lock hands in the soil if we’re ever going to make it (the way that tall redwoods lock their root systems).

    How should a Social Entrepreneur be defined, by their impact or their income strategy?


    After decades of frustrating setbacks, scientists at CERN think they have found the Higgs boson particle — a breakthrough success after $12 billion

    Sawa World crowdfunds its way empowering 10,000 East African youth


    Daphne Nederhorst -- an Ashoka fellow, social entrepreneur, and real-world superhero -- has