Co-création - ampoule


In 2014, Ashoka and its partners the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Fondation Guilé, DPD and Boehringher Ingelheim launched an unprecedented online collaborative competition - the Social & Business Co-creation: Collaboration for Impact -  to source, highlight and catalyze innovative co-creation projects in Europe, led by social-mission organizations, traditional businesses and public institutions.

The competition granted awards to the following 5 winners and finalists, successful co-creation pioneers who demonstrate the great potential of co-creation to invent tomorrow’s society:

Olivier Fruchaud, the Director of Ashoka Switzerland explained in an interview with Dukascopy TV this collaboration where the social entrepreneur is plugging social innovation in the value-chain of a company to develop both economic and social value. Watch this interview here.


Article initialement publié le 23 juin 2016
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