This series of 5 business cases entails finalists and winners of the 2014 Social & Business Co-Creation: Collaboration for Impact competition organized by Ashoka and its partners, the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Guilé Foundation, DPD and Boerhinger Ingelheim. The aim of the competition was to identify pioneers in the field of Social and Business Co-Creation in Europe. 338 projects from 34 European countries participated in this competition, 15 finalists were selected and 5 winners were awarded a prize. At the core of each project selected were the potential to create both economic and societal value, change organizational structures and enable professionals at all levels to become engaged Changemakers who turn problems into opportunities: a true change in hearts and minds.

The 5 business cases presented are successful co-creation examples, even if the models are in different stages of maturity. They nonetheless reflect the progress of this powerful practice and help us imagine new ways of scaling up socially-driven initiatives, of creating and sharing value for organizations and society and of engaging corporate leadership. 


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Article initialement publié le 15 juillet 2016
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