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Dr Subroto Das, winner of one of India’s highest civilian awards, Padma Shri for his work on Highway Trauma Care, co-founded Lifeline Foundation along with his wife, Sushmita (after surviving a life-threatening accident in August, 1999 on one of India’s busiest highways), with the aim of reducing the 100,000+ annual highway deaths in India. The effort began with the Highway Rescue Project in 2002, the 1st ever Highway Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to be implemented across an entire state, for which he gained international recognition. Lifeline Foundation has rescued hundreds of injured highway accident victims on National Highways in various states since 2002.

Dr Das was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 2004, and since his election, he has received many accolades including the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2009, and he is the only Indian to be honored with the Asian EMS Lifetime Achievement Award by the Asian EMS Council. As an Eisenhower Fellow, he has been mentored by some of America’s greatest EMS experts, an experience that has helped him to guide EMS professionals in the Indian sub-continent. He has been part of various national and international policy making committees on pre-hospital and trauma care. He has worked with various EMS stakeholders in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In 2009, he authored a book on the struggles and successes of the Sri Lankan EMS systems, titled ‘Prepare to Respond’; the book was released by the then President of Sri Lanka.

Dr Das and his Foundation have now shifted towards a more inclusive highway accident relief; the current focus is on actively advocating Bystander First Aid & CPR to enable common citizens to save lives in post-accident trauma and ‘out of hospital cardiac arrest’. The aim is to train and empower passersby to act and save lives till ambulance relief reaches. His other current priority is to create Pan-Asian Trauma Care systems along with other Asian stakeholders. He is also working with industries, ports and mines to better Industrial EMS across the country.

Cette description du travail de Subroto Das a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2004.
Beginning with highway rescue, Dr. Subroto Das is creating for the first time in the history of South Asia, emergency medical systems that integrate the work of hospitals, ambulances, police, citizens, and the state.
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