Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 1989
    Cette description du travail de Julio Moure Cortés a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 1989.
    Julio Moure, working in the most underdeveloped area of Tabasco state in southern Mexico, is building (1) what promises to be Mexico's most successfully innovative school and (2) a web of closely interrelated community self-help health, nutrition, education, and development initiatives. Many of the individual elements and the overall approach should be useful models across the country.
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    Julio's work in education is predicated upon an understanding of respect and appreciation for people and their culture forms the basis for growth through endogenous development. Uniting cultural roots with science develops creativity, opens new doors and returns awareness of value and dignity to these people. Before undertaking any work it's necessary to "trifle away", analysing the problems and creating a consensus to find possible solutions. This dialogue allows everyone to have their say, it sparks off new approaches and favours self-management. After creating this consensus, look for the most accessble way to explain what is being planned so that everyone can understand this and feel a part of it.

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