Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 2008
Cette description du travail de Carlo Petrini a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2008.
The global food supply chain is broken. Low-cost food is subsidized through a process of externalizing costs that serves only the largest multinational organizations and creates negative environmental and social impacts. Small producers around the world are seeing their way of living jeopardized. Consumers find it harder and harder to know about the source and nutrition of the foods they buy. Carlo created the Slow Food movement to reawaken consumers to both the source of their food and to food’s gastronomic value. Slow Food benefits all in the supply chain: producers are accessing broader and deeper markets and consequently building sustainable businesses while preserving and restoring many threatened forms of traditional artisanal food production. Consumers are reconnecting with the source of food and the food communities around them in a way that is healthier and better for the environment.
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