Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 2010
    Cette description du travail de Biplab Paul a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2010.
    Biplab Paul has come up with a cost-effective and affordable solution to water scarcity that provides a reliable system of irrigation. In the rural areas of arid Gujarat, high saline soil creates an impermeable layer that prevents rain water from percolating; marginal farmers are unable to farm their crops and are eventually forced to abandon the land to join the growing workforce of migratory labor. Biplab’s approach improves the lives of the rural poor through this unique participatory irrigation system based on rainwater harvesting. Through his organization, Naireeta Services Private Limited, Biplab empowers rural women to contribute to agriculture and to restore the biodiversity of the region.
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    Currently we are endeavouring in two verticals both hinged upon gender centric process for sustainable development. For ultra poor women small holders we are enabling them with our globally awarded Innovative process BHUNGROO to save their standing crops from disaster and also to access doubling of agri-income along with lifetime family food security. Within urban domain we are enabling ultra poor women waste pickers in upgrading their skill in waste segregation, storage, value addition, and trade within a gender centric transparent and right based waste management process based upon our innovation globally awarded innovation ROCHAKK.

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