Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 1989
Servicio y Desarrollo Comunitario
    Cette description du travail de Arturo Caballero Barrón a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 1989.
    Arturo Caballero is introducing major innovations into the organization of one of Mexico's most backward sectors: the fishing industry. Working in the Yucatan Peninsula with largely illiterate fishermen, he is guiding them towards their participation in the creation of a modern fishing industry. This Yucatan work will provide a model for many other groups.
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    Arturo aims to discover, reflect and spread stories of the daily lives of the subordinate communities, built on their culture, tradition and the wisdom of previous generations, especially stories of resistance to marginalization, the transformation of an adverse environment and the development of abilities, solidarity, help and shared effort. These stories which, when analysed with their protagonists, help to raise awareness of what limits and conditions comprehensive human development and to faciliate support actions to remove the identified restrictions.

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