Ashoka Fellow
    Cette description du travail de Aleida Calleja Gutierrez a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2004.
    Aleida Calleja is democratizing Mexico’s electronic media as part of a larger effort to give voice to civil society and empower the Mexican people. By building a strong network of community radio stations, training and consulting with them on digital technology, establishing legal recognition for the stations, and working to reform public media policy, Aleida hopes to revitalize the rights to information and freedom of speech protected in Mexico’s Constitution.
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    Aleida's recent work aims to monitor the position of pluralism and diversity within the media systems of Mexico and Latin America in order to evaluate the conditions of freedom and expression and the right of access to information. This information facilitates organizations and activists in their advocacy work for changing public policy and regulations which require transparency, as well as inclusion of independent media and the denunciation of information monopolies which significantly affect the democratic debate. Work is also carried out to achieve audiovisual literacy and digital participation for children.

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