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Santiago Andrade Pinto

Ashoka Fellow depuis déc 1998


Santiago Andrade is motivating youth volunteerism by creating alternative spaces which allow young people to organize for the benefit and service of their communities, assume roles as citizens and leaders, and commit to productive projects which help their communities confront the conditions of...

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Urmila Upadhaya Garg

Ashoka Fellow depuis déc 1989


Urmila Upadhyay Garg, one of Nepal's foremost artists and almost certainly it's leading textile designer, proposes to create an advanced Textile Institute that would institutionalize and spread her repeated successes in improving the country's textile techniques and in introducing new but culturally...

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Ibrahima Sory Diallo

Ashoka Fellow depuis aoû 2007


Ibrahima Sory Diallo is strengthening safeguards in mining laws, curbing environmental abuses, and mobilizing civil society to regulate Senegal’s growing mining industry. His goal is to remediate and protect groundwater and safeguard the health of local populations in mining areas. Since Senegal has...

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S.N. Gananath

Ashoka Fellow depuis avr 1994


S.N. Gananath, a scientist and educator in South India, is reducing "math phobia" among school children. He has developed teaching aids and a hands-on method that allow children not just to memorize math but to understand it and use it as a tool for life.

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Daniel Marguari

Ashoka Fellow depuis aoû 2005


Indonesia is beginning to wake up to the reality of its AIDS epidemic. As a new field develops to deal with the medical and social aspects of AIDS, a pressing question for the citizen sector is what role can and should be played by people living with HIV and AIDS. Daniel Marguari is creating local...

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Lucy Auwalu

Ashoka Fellow depuis avr 2003


Lucy Auwalu trains HIV positive women to provide for their own material, physical, and psychological well-being, and recruits them to care for other women and children living with HIV.

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Rezaul Haq

Ashoka Fellow depuis oct 1995


Rezaul Haq, a biologist and environmentalist in Bangladesh, is creating a new public perception of wetlands as a resource and teaching the inhabitants of such areas how to revitalize their local economy and preserve their fragile land.

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Nalini Nayak (India 1989) has, over the last two decades, played a central role in helping the small scale, traditional fisherman of Kerala's coast develop their first marketing co-ops and unions. Now she's turning her organizational skill and substantive expertise to helping all the many actors...

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David Erickson

Ashoka Fellow depuis juin 2001

United States
Check out David's work in this video:
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Jacob Moatshe

Ashoka Fellow depuis déc 1998

South Africa

Jacob Moatshe (South Africa 1998) has created a series of civic institutions and related partnerships that began serving a population of thirty thousand and has expanded to cover 2.5 million inhabitants. Now Jacob is taking the next step, using the breadth and knowledge that these institutions and...

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