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Starting in Poland, Krystyna Zytecka is changing the way domestic violence is handled by building alliances with the police and other authorities, creating centers that ensure the safety and confidentiality of victims, and shifting the focus from the perpetrator to the victim and the victim’s needs... Lire la suite

Ashwell Zwane

Ashoka Fellow since nov 1994

In South Africa, access to ordinary legal services has never been accessible to the black majority. Ashwell Zwane and Bernert Lekalakala are changing that by establishing the country's first full-service legal practice that is based in the historically black townships in which the overwhelming of... Lire la suite

Rabee Zureikat

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009

Rabee Zureikat has introduced a form of tourism to Jordan which challenges existing social systems and progresses toward more egalitarian, inclusive societies. Rabee s exchange tourism leads to equity by helping marginalized rural communities rediscover their strengths and by exposing economically... Lire la suite
Nani Zulminarni is reversing the pattern of discrimination against women who head their households by educating and enabling them to generate resources to provide for their families and raise their position in the community. She also educates the public on the critical role these women can play in... Lire la suite

Bapak Zulfikar

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1998

Zulfikar works to empower widows who are the victims of human rights abuses, under the cover of various channels, so that the women can take the lead in exposing the violations and seeking redress. Lire la suite
Barry Zuckerman is broadening the notion of health delivery to low-income families to address social as well as biological determinants and focus resources on illness prevention. Lire la suite
Anna Zucchetti promotes an integrated model of sustainable development for Peru's valley areas threatened by urban sprawl. She is preserving green spaces for city dwellers and valley residents, halting ecological damage, maintaining local culture, and improving the economic circumstances of various... Lire la suite

Marcela Zubieta

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

A pediatrician by profession, Marcela Zubieta is alleviating the suffering of child cancer patients through an integrated approach which combines improved medical attention with complementary support services for poor patients and their families. Lire la suite
Zubaedah is building a youth movement to reverse the marital practices of polygamy, frequent divorce, and remarriage, which are prevalent in parts of Indonesia and detrimental to the health and well-being of families. Lire la suite

Simone Zoundi

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2016

Simone is a pioneer in the development of local resources, turning them to her advantage in the fight against child malnutrition and poverty in Africa. She is the first female business/industry leader in the food production industry in Africa. Simone supported the emergence of women entrepreneurs... Lire la suite