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Judi Aubel

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2012

Judi Aubel is improving the lives of women, children and families by empowering grandmothers, an abundant and underutilized cultural resource, to catalyze change in socio-cultural norms related to many issues, including girls’ education, early and forced marriage, teen pregnancy, female genital... Lire la suite

Guillaume Bapst

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006


Guillaume Bapst est un alumni du réseau Ashoka. Pour plus d’information sur ce statut, veuillez nous contacter à [email protected].


A.N.D.E.S apporte depuis près de 15 ans des solutions innovantes pour proposer une alimentation saine et accessible aux personnes en situation de précarité...

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Erica Gerrity

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2018

United States
Incarcerated women in the US are particularly unwell and routinely denied access to quality healthcare in a system that was designed “by men, for men”. Through Ostara, Erica Gerrity transforms the experience of health education and prison birth and – in so doing – correctional facilities themselves.... Lire la suite

Fabrice Hégron

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2015




À travers de nouveaux modes de production, de transformation et de distribution, Fabrice Hégron révolutionne le modèle économique traditionnel de la filière du lait, en...

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Pierre-Yves Herrouet

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2015

With a central philosophy that “it’s not worth giving, it’s not worth selling, it’s worth constructing together,” Pierre is addressing the unmet needs of diverse impoverished rural and urban communities in northern Argentina for cleaner and cost-effective energy solutions, thereby improving their... Lire la suite
In many wildlife-protected areas in Uganda, communities and wildlife are sharing habitats, living closer and interdependent lives than ever before. Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is linking Uganda's wildlife management and rural public health programs to create common resources that benefit both people... Lire la suite

Jean-Michel Ricard

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2006




Le progrès a “ ajouté des années à la vie”, mais nombre de personnes n’en profitent pas ou mal. Afin d’améliorer le lien social, prévenir certaines maladies ou encore la perte d’autonomie des personnes âgées, des personnes en situation de handicap et/ou atteintes de maladies...

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Kristina Saffran

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2019

United States
Kristina Saffran and Project HEAL are building a new model of community-based peer support and care for people with eating disorders—while simultaneously working to eliminate the barriers between people with EDs and the full recovery they deserve. Lire la suite

Mark Swift

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017

United Kingdom
Mark Swift is creating a social movement for health that mobilizes and empowers communities to take control over their own health and wellbeing. He broadens the understanding and definition of healthcare, allowing practitioners to refer patients to non-clinical solutions within local communities... Lire la suite

David Yeung

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2018

Hong Kong
David Yeung is seeking to mitigate the impact on the environment and climate change caused by vast consumption of beef, poultry and pork by offering consumers in Greater China and East Asia easy ways to reduce meat in their daily diet and shift to a more sustainable plant-based choice in diet. Lire la suite