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Marie-Noëlle Besançon

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2007




Psychiatre, elle créé le chaînon manquant entre la psychiatrie et la société en développant des structures légères non médicalisées en collaboration avec une communauté de citoyens, qui permettent la réhabilitation...

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Oskar Blakstad

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2018

Oskar is leveraging the Norwegian healthcare system to attend to currently underprioritized patients with mild and moderate symptoms of the most common mental health disorders. By also developing a web-based platform for experts to create and share treatments, Oskar is building a library of... Lire la suite

Sixto Cancel

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2019

United States
By transforming the way thousands of young people age out of foster care, Sixto Cancel is transforming the overall child welfare and foster care system itself. He’s doing this by hacking the case management system to not only put young people in charge, but to use the data he gleans from successful... Lire la suite

Mauricio Canseco

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2017

Mauricio is revolutionizing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, helping them, their families, and their societies recognize their autonomy and achieve their potential through a 360º neuropsychological evaluation combined with an innovative life and career integration process.... Lire la suite

Sachin Chaudhary

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2018

Sachin is improving emotional resilience and well-being for all by focusing on prevention and early intervention for mental health issues, and by empowering individuals and organizations to take proactive action, create awareness, destigmatize mental health, and to promote overall well-being for our... Lire la suite

Matrika Devkota

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2016

Matrika believes that the voice of the mentally ill is most powerful when voiced by them. Lire la suite

Aldana Di Costanzo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2016



Aldana fundó Aiken con el fin de generar un cambio cultural, y brindar tanto a niños como a adultos herramientas para transitar la muerte de un ser querido, entender la muerte como parte de la vida, y como una situación que puede servir para generar una nueva realidad. Hoy, Aiken es la única...

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Marta esteves de almeida Gil

Ashoka Fellow since juin 1989

Marta is setting up an information system for the physically, mentally and sensorially disabled. The system will collect, produce, and disseminate important information for this currently neglected sector of the population, and with this service, Marta expects to influence public policy, thus... Lire la suite

Pierre Foldès

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015




En France, environ 600 000 femmes sont victimes de violences et seules 16% portent plainte. Les solutions existantes ne permettent pas de sortir une femme victime de violence de sa situation rapidement et sans pénibilité psychologique. Le coût pour la société des violences est...

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Pedro gabriel Godinho delgado

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1991

Pedro Gabriel Delgado, a psychiatrist, is changing the way mental patients are treated in Brazil. Lire la suite