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Anne Basting

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

United States
Anne Basting is transforming the experience of aging and the stigma around dementia and memory loss by empowering older adults and their caregivers with new practices rooted in creative expression and community building. Having demonstrated the impact at the individual level, her sights are now set... Lire la suite

Ireneusz Białek

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Having lost sight as a child, Irek perfectly understands the challenges faced by persons with disabilities both in the labour market and at university. After turning around the policy and standards related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in university education, he now focuses on... Lire la suite
Rosangela Bieler, a 32-year-old journalist and paraplegic, is the founder and president of the Independent Living Center of Rio de Janeiro, an organization which is spearheading the movement of disabled Brazilians to win full citizenship. Lire la suite
In the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, Sonia Coutinho has developed a center for arts and alternative education for adolescents with moderate learning disabilities that is remarkably effective in aiding their transition from school to productive employment and facilitating their... Lire la suite

Marta esteves de almeida Gil

Ashoka Fellow since juin 1989

Marta is setting up an information system for the physically, mentally and sensorially disabled. The system will collect, produce, and disseminate important information for this currently neglected sector of the population, and with this service, Marta expects to influence public policy, thus... Lire la suite

François Goudenove

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2010


Arnaud Castagnède est un alumni du réseau Ashoka. Pour plus d’information sur ce statut, veuillez nous contacter à [email protected].


Pour permettre aux sourds d’exprimer tout leur potentiel et d’être des citoyens à part entière, François Goudenove a développé des solutions alliant...

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Simon Houriez

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008





Sur le principe de la conception universelle, Simon Houriez imagine et propose des solutions pédagogiques et innovantes pour tous à partir des besoins des personnes en situation de handicap.


Si des solutions aux handicaps...

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Ole Kassow

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2017

Cycling Without Age takes elderly nursing home residents, who tend to be socially excluded, back into the streets and allows them to be part of ongoing urban life. As the elderly passengers and younger cyclists co-create new experiences on trishaws, Cycling Without Age showcases the joy of... Lire la suite

Daniel Kish

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2017

United States
Daniel Kish is transforming the blindness profession and the lives of people around the world through a model of perceptual navigation that is more respectful of blind dignity and purpose, easier to teach, learn, and use, and is more diversely applicable to all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and... Lire la suite

Junho Lee

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2016

South Korea
Junho is engineering information system for family with kids who have special needs by aggregating scattered health information. Lire la suite