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Juliana Bacis Ceddia

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2000

Dr. Juliana Bacis Ceddia, a physician specializing in cardiology, has created an effective method for treating heart defects among infants, children, and adolescents from poor families. She has demonstrated that it is possible to reform Brazil's rigid and poorly funded public health system to... Lire la suite

Guillaume Bapst

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006


Guillaume Bapst est un alumni du réseau Ashoka. Pour plus d’information sur ce statut, veuillez nous contacter à [email protected].


A.N.D.E.S apporte depuis près de 15 ans des solutions innovantes pour proposer une alimentation saine et accessible aux personnes en situation de précarité...

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María José Cabezudo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

María is working in a sustained and responsible manner in the recognition, defense and realization of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people with disabilities. Although their specific focus is on people with disabilities, their actions reach the population as a whole and are oriented... Lire la suite

JinKyeong Cho

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2019

South Korea
Jin-kyeong Cho is changing the societal framework towards victims of sexual exploitation, based on the organizing principle “protect, don’t punish”. She is changing justice system perceiving underage victims as participants of crime, providing a comprehensive and professional support system for... Lire la suite

Gina Clayton

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2017

United States
Gina Clayton is building a loving and powerful community for the millions of women who have loved ones behind bars to end the harm of the American criminal justice system to women and families. Lire la suite

Luciana Delle Donne

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2016

Evidence shows that inmates who are able to work while in prison are less likely to re-offend. Many programs around the world give prisoners new skills for a life away from criminality upon their release. This has been very difficult in Italy because a law - initially designed to protect the... Lire la suite

Edward Edilbi

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2014


Edward Edilbi is introducing a new way to empower, integrate and build social capital in scattered, immigrant populations that have been affected by a political crisis or natural disaster. Using diaspora networks, he enables refugees to play an active and productive role, thus changing their status...

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Gonzalo Fanjul

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2018

Gonzalo has created a new information-generating model to encourage a more informed public debate by influencing media outlets and policymakers worldwide to cover social issues in a new way. He helps society understand the reality of social challenges by ensuring that truthful information gets the... Lire la suite

Pierre Foldès

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015




En France, environ 600 000 femmes sont victimes de violences et seules 16% portent plainte. Les solutions existantes ne permettent pas de sortir une femme victime de violence de sa situation rapidement et sans pénibilité psychologique. Le coût pour la société des violences est...

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Pregaluxmi Govender

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1993

South Africa