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Raul Oscar Abasolo Trincado

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2002

Raúl Abásolo has devised a support and social integration system for marginalized youth that combines nonviolent channels of expression and access to health, education, and job opportunities with the creation of greater acceptance of these vulnerable youth within the broader society. Lire la suite

Ximena Abogabir

Ashoka Fellow since fév 1995

Ximena Abogabir Scott is implementing a new approach in the field of informal environmental education that will both enhance the effectiveness of the numerous organizations that are currently working in that field and stimulate urgently needed citizen participation in more general civic activities.... Lire la suite

Adriana Abraham Perez

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998


En CEPRODIH, a través de un programa integral, Adriana ofrece alternativas  para la reinserción social de familias en situación de extrema vulnerabilidad  (violencia doméstica, desamparo, desempleo).  El mismo incluye capacitación  e  inserción laboral,  así como generación de emprendimientos...

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Martín Abregú

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1996

Martín Abregú is carving out a new agenda and strategy for Latin American human rights organizations. This strategy shifts both the content and form of traditional human rights work in the region from reactive to proactive, from radical strikes against disappearances, physical torture and other... Lire la suite

Carlos Andre Abreu Carneiro

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2005

The Brazilian prison system serves over 300,000 imprisoned citizens in the country, of which 70 percent are young people. The violence that reigns in the system puts the jailed population at constant risk. André Abreu developed a participatory model for social reintegration of jailed youths in Ceará... Lire la suite

Denise Abulafia

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2017

Denise is flipping the traditional classroom education model by delivering easily accessible instructional education content online. The digital content can be accessed at home or in school by students and teachers, democratizing access to quality education in Argentina. Lire la suite

Thiago Ackel Mundano

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2015

Thiago Mundano created Pimp My Carroça, a movement that uses graffiti, art, and viral social media to give visibility and dignity to garbage collectors in Brazil, who are important but marginalized recycling agents. His initiative is already producing legal in cultural changes in how these workers... Lire la suite

Luis Aguilar

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009

Luis Aguilar is reviving rural Guatemalan villages socially, culturally, and economically by creating and maintaining a platform for communication between the communities and their emigrant family members abroad. This platform also facilitates remittances to create jobs in the communities and... Lire la suite

Jasmine Aguilar

Ashoka Fellow since mai 1993

Through training in and support for management information systems, Jasmine Aguilar is enabling rural citizens' groups in Mexico to draw lessons from their work and develop long-term strategies by expanding their access to information about their own and one another's programs and successes. Lire la suite

José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Costa Rica
José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal founded the Fundación Acción Joven (Foundation for Youth Action), a Costa Rican citizen organization that allows university students to fulfill required community service hours through specially designed projects in public secondary schools. Lire la suite