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Myung-Sook Cho

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2015

South Korea
For most North Korean refugees settling in South Korea in search of a better life, the readjustment process quickly turns into a swim-or-sink game of survival. The refugees grapple with debilitating mental trauma inflicted on them before, during, and after their escape from the totalitarian state, a... Lire la suite

JinKyeong Cho

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2019

South Korea
Jin-kyeong Cho is changing the societal framework towards victims of sexual exploitation, based on the organizing principle “protect, don’t punish”. She is changing justice system perceiving underage victims as participants of crime, providing a comprehensive and professional support system for... Lire la suite

Hye-shin Chung

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2014

South Korea
In a society that has chronically higher levels of violence and suicide rates than any other OECD countries, Hye-shin is enabling ordinary citizens to help themselves and people around them overcome their emotional and psychological trauma. By equipping ordinary citizens with the power and tools of... Lire la suite

Kenji Hayashi

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Kenji Hayashi is rejuvenating rural areas suffering from depopulation. By creating a new pathway for emerging urban professionals to build their careers as change agents in rural municipalities, Kenji is creating a system that enables the sustainable development of struggling rural communities. Lire la suite

Michihiko Iwamoto

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2015

Michihiko is revolutionizing the way Japan thinks about used materials by creating a Consumer-Participated Recycling Culture, whereby used clothing and such electronics as cell phones can be recycled and turned into bio-ethanol and precious metals, without leaving any waste. His method loops in both... Lire la suite

Chanpil Jung

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2016

South Korea
Chanpil, who smoothly shifted how Korea Broadcasting System produce videos from analogue to digital, is now offering an immediate and feasible alternative solution to overcome a lag in public education innovation. It is by rapidly shifting educational paradigms that suitable for the 21st century... Lire la suite
Masue Katayama has developed a contextually sensitive approach to changing attitudes and values about nursing care. Masue has created the broadly utilized Shinkou-Kai model for private nursing homes which provides comfortable yet affordable housing options for Japanese elderly, while employing non... Lire la suite

Takashi Kawazoe

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2013

Takashi Kawazoe is extending access to health care in Japan through new career paths for nurses working outside hospital walls. A key element of his approach is a system of self-check medical stations where patients access information about their health and preventative health measures; quickly,... Lire la suite

Jong Ki Kim

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2013

South Korea
Jongki Kim has pioneered a national change in law and attitudes toward bullying in schools in Korea over the past eighteen years. Through his work, Jongki has introduced many initiatives to both reduce and mitigate the effects of bullying on both the victims and the perpetrators. Lire la suite

Junho Lee

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2016

South Korea
Junho is engineering information system for family with kids who have special needs by aggregating scattered health information. Lire la suite