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Vernon Ringland

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2018

Vernon has developed a methodology that supports young people to take charge of grantmaking in their communities, allowing them to lead real, concrete change and enabling them to fully realize their changemaking potential. Lire la suite

Caroline Casey

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006

Caroline Casey helps Irish businesses to develop new approaches to employing and serving disabled people. Lire la suite

Steve Collins

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009

Steve Collins is changing the architecture of nutritional treatment by bringing treatment out to afflicted people rather than afflicted people to the treatment. By using a decentralized care model and orchestrating the spread of a range of Ready to Use Foods, Steve is revolutionizing the way the... Lire la suite

Tara Cunningham

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2007

Recognising that with guidance, ordinary citizens can do much of the work of professional speech therapists, Tara Cunningham is revolutionising the field of speech therapy by putting parents and teachers in charge of children’s learning. As vacancy rates for speech therapists continue to grow... Lire la suite

Brendan Dunford

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2011

Brendan Dunford is creating a new approach to sustaining some of our most iconic and best loved landscapes by placing farmers at the creative center of developing and delivering key conservation actions. Lire la suite

David Egan

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Through his organization, RedBranch, David Egan is empowering a generation of young people in Ireland to choose healthier lifestyles by changing their attitudes towards food and exercise and encouraging schools to adopt policies that support these changes. Lire la suite

Michael Feerick

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2010

Mike is creating an initiative to serve as the global source for online education at a time when community college is an underfunded and underdeveloped educational resource. His free form of online community college offers everything from computer courses to English classes, and opens up employment... Lire la suite

Krystian Fikert

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2011

In Ireland, adequate mental health care is out of reach for many who need it because public offerings are too slow and the private market is too costly. Krystian Fikert has created a new social business model of community-based mental health services, which has unleashed a movement for accessible,... Lire la suite

Michael Kelly

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2010

Michael Kelly is catalyzing a nationwide movement to substantially increase the number of people growing their own food. He has resurrected the traditional Irish notion of the “meitheal,” a practice that builds a spirit of community by working collectively on individual projects—much like a barn... Lire la suite

Neil McCabe

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2013

Neil McCabe is utilizing the existing infrastructure of firehouses, a locally oriented and trusted arm of government, to provide a local, national and international example for green transition. A firefighter by trade, Neil is using the institution of the fire station as an entry point to bring... Lire la suite