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Didit Adidananta

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1988

Didit Adidananta, is helping street children develop viable futures. He is starting work in the urban areas of Yogyakarta. Lire la suite

Setya Adipurwanta

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1991

Setya Adipurwanta, blinded in an accident, is opening a whole series of commercially competitive job opportunities for the blind, deaf, physically handicapped, and mentally ill. Lire la suite

Wahyu Aditya

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2013

Indonesian education system offers limited chance for people to foster their creativity skills. The situation is worsened with the fact that there’s no institution to consistently teach creativity and display local creative crafts. Wahyu Aditya develops a mechanism to cultivate young creative... Lire la suite
Huge numbers of people in Indonesian cities live in dangerously unsanitary conditions that threaten their health and pollute the environment. Neither their government nor private organizations have developed a sustainable system for providing basic sanitation services to these citizens. Hamzah Harun... Lire la suite

Mohammad Alhabsyi

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2012

Despite decades of malaria control efforts in Indonesia focused exclusively on curative treatment, Dr. Mohammad Alhabsyi has shifted practices in eradicating malaria to a collaborative, preventive approach across government agency and local community sectors. Lire la suite

Zaini Alif

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2014

As the popularity of digital games increases with children and education programs do not take play into account, children are missing out on opportunities to develop essential social skills. Zaini Alif identifies and reintroduces traditional toys and games as a way to ensure that the next... Lire la suite

Anna Alisjahbana

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2009

At a time when Indonesia was struggling to ensure the survival and health of its young children, Anna Alisjahbana developed new practices and technology that have changed the face of early childhood care and development throughout Indonesia. Lire la suite

Agung Alit

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2001

Gusti Ketut Agung, known as Alit, is establishing a fair trade system for craftspeople in Bali, developing their business acumen while creating social and economic sustainability in their communities. Lire la suite

Irfan Amalee

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017

Irfan is countering the trend toward religious extremism and other forms of intolerance by cultivating faith -based peace movements, preparing a generation to become “Agents of Peace.” Lire la suite

Siti Aminah

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998

Siti Aminah has succeeded in developing effective ways to preserve Indonesia's mangrove forests by harnessing the local community support of women and children and the fishermen that rely on the mangroves for their livelihood. Lire la suite