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Istvan has designed a program for education reform and skill training that addresses discrimination against Roma people in Hungary. He has been remarkably successful in involving municipalities in decreasing school dropout rates among Roma, also known as Gypsy, children and in helping adults find... Lire la suite

Márta Bácskai

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2013

Márta Bácskai is changing the way holistic, child-centered health education is delivered to children and their families. She targets children, parents, and preschool teachers with a unique and comprehensive prevention program to encourage children to become conscious about their health. By centering... Lire la suite

Endre Biro

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2001

Endre Biro is increasing access to the Hungarian legal system by providing resources and services that enable individual citizens and civil society organizations to use the law as a tool for building democratic institutions. Lire la suite
Zsuzsa Csato is promoting independent living as a viable option for people with mental handicaps. She is empowering families to care for dependents at home and then move them into independent living situations. By helping both the families and the persons with handicaps prepare and deal with the... Lire la suite
Investment in early childhood intervention – a system of professional services for very young children at risk of developmental delays, disabilities or atypical behavior – is a strategic question for each country, preventing abandonment and translating into positive returns on each dollar invested.... Lire la suite

Andrea David

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1999

The aim of Andrea David's Salva Vita Foundation is to give the mentally disabled a chance to create new, independent lives and to assist in their social integration. Andrea helps provide them with integrative workplaces and the training programs they need to succeed in mainstream society. The... Lire la suite

Bernadett Eigner

Ashoka Fellow since juil 1995

Bernadett Eigner is introducing "community-based playrooms" in Hungary to promote early childhood development generally and, more specifically, to advance methods of play therapy for children with special needs. Lire la suite

Gabor Fekete

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2001

Gabor Fekete combats the overwhelming presence of apathy, low self esteem, and inadequate job skills among high school students in Hungary through a curriculum integrating topics from career preparation to family and personal relationship issues. Lire la suite
Melitta began the Last Straw Foundation to address the needs of the poorest in Hungary's poorest, post-industrial areas. The foundation begins with provisions of food, medicine, social aid, employment possibilities, and financial services to families. After these basic needs for are met, Melitta... Lire la suite
Imre Furmann is creating the framework for civil rights legislation in post-communist Hungary by providing the country's first system of legal defense for Roma (Gypsies) and teaching the first Hungarian university course on human rights. Lire la suite