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Regina Agyare

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Regina Agyare is bringing women and girls in Ghana into the ICT space by providing them with the role models and tools to change them from consumers to creators of technology. Lire la suite

Peter Awin

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2018

In a complete void of any animal health care in Ghana, Peter is developing a comprehensive national scale system for animal health and disease prevention. To do that, he is enabling livestock farmers by using a simple and easy to access mobile technology and a mobile based system of alerts,... Lire la suite

Jennifer Dordor

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2009

Jennifer is building the capacity of rural women to utilize widely available but idle natural resources and turn them into consumer products thus creating an opportunity to shift the focus of the local economy from subsistence to developing and maintaining viability of local natural resources. Lire la suite
Victoria Koomson is organizing the women of coastal Ghanaian migratory fishing communities by introducing a series of technical innovations and using the resulting increased incomes to help promote further economic and community development. Lire la suite

Lucia Quachey

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1993

Lucia Quachey is building an appropriate local model to support rural women's small-scale business start-ups. Her approach is informed by her own considerable success as a business entrepreneur and is highly critical of the usual bureaucratic, exogenous small business support model. Lire la suite

Richard Seshie

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2013

Most Ghanaians live in rural areas and more than half of these individuals are isolated without ready access to markets, water and fuel. Richard has created a rural transportation system that is designed to meet these needs, improve returns to farmers and create employment opportunities for young... Lire la suite

Bright Simons

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Bright Simons is empowering consumers to protect their health using simple and user-friendly technology to instantly authenticate and the safety of pharmaceuticals at point of purchase. In doing so, he is building a win-win coalition engaging and educating manufacturers, regulatory agencies and... Lire la suite

John Thébault

Ashoka Fellow since juil 1993

Catholic priest Jean Thébault is building a self-help movement of Ghana's disabled street beggars that enables them to support themselves and assist each other without begging. Lire la suite