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Meinrad Armbruster

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2008

Meinrad Armbruster is addressing one of the biggest inequalities in Germany: Children from working class backgrounds have significantly fewer chances of success in life and suffer crucial disadvantages at home before the age of six. Meinrad helps these children by making their parents a part of the... Lire la suite

Martin Aufmuth

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2017

By putting production and distribution in the hands of locals, Martin is transforming access to high quality eye glasses to people with visual impairment, thereby enabling them to lead productive lives. Lire la suite

Volker Baisch

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2007

Volker Baisch is changing the way corporate Germany and German society understands and encourages fatherhood by offering opportunities, education, and support for men in the workplace and beyond. Lire la suite

Till Behnke

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2008

Till Behnke has developed an online marketplace for small donors and citizen organizations (COs) that provides radical transparency and allows users to judge the credibility of COs and make informed donation choices. The platform also puts the responsibility and the power to rally for support in the... Lire la suite

Anja Bittner (Kersten)

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2012

Through Was hab’ ich? (What Do I Have?), an online translation service for diagnostic findings, Anja Bittner ensures future doctors communicate in a clear, empathetic, and transparent way. Anja also empowers patients to meet their doctors at eye-level, which fosters a new doctor-patient relationship... Lire la suite
Driven by the increasing estrangement of people in urban surroundings with nature and its potential for human well-being, nutrition and education as well as the ecological consequences of maltreatment towards the environment, Heike Boomgaarden introduces a new way of “eco-human” development for... Lire la suite

Zarah Bruhn

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2018

Zarah has created a new strategy for supporting refugees to find long-term employment by using a temporary employment agency model to overcome the integration barriers for both refugees and companies. In so doing, she is also easing the social integration of this rapidly growing population in... Lire la suite

Heather Cameron

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2010

By mobilizing a diverse group of actors from the national press to management consultants to university sports students, Heather Cameron is using boxing and self-defense training to help girls and young women develop the confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership skills to create strong inclusive... Lire la suite

Franz Dullinger

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2006

Franz Dullinger is reforming European Union (EU) and regional political processes in economically weak regions of Germany, helping citizens take charge of their own development. Lire la suite

Andreas Eke

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2018

Facing the social, environmental and economic challenges tropical deforestation brings about, Andreas builds on his vast experience in impact forestry and introduces a new land usage concept for degraded tropical lands. It does not only allow for a new market for impact forestry investments to be... Lire la suite