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María Eugenia Aguilar helps young Salvadoran people apply native knowledge and skills to modern business, instilling pride in indigenous culture and preserving community ties. Lire la suite

Julio Canizales

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1999

El Salvador
Julio Cesar Canizales, who lost his vision just before he turned 24, is organizing visually-impaired people to develop new job skills, while at the same time challenging the legislative framework which limits opportunities for the blind to participate fully in social and economic activity. Lire la suite

Lorena Cuerno Clavel

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1998

El Salvador
Lorena Cuerno has designed a model to engage youngsters in the fight against street crime and social violence in El Salvador, building on their own forms of social organization and expression to explore more hopeful alternatives. Lire la suite

Celina de Sola

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015

El Salvador
Celina de Sola is accelerating community development by tearing down walls between government, business, and community groups, building a new culture of shared responsibility and cross-sector collaboration, rooted in trust. Lire la suite

Nora Liliana Franco

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

El Salvador
Nora Franco has developed an international strategy that uses personal testimonies for combating the impunity of human rights violators prevalent in post-dictatorship and war-torn Latin American countries. Lire la suite

América Joaquina Romualdo Carcamo

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

El Salvador
Drawing on her experience as a lawyer and women's rights activist, América Romualdo is creating an independent system of monitoring and follow-through to ensure the application of laws against domestic violence and accountability of the justice system. Lire la suite

Magdaleno Rose Avila

Ashoka Fellow since fév 1999

El Salvador
Drawing on his personal evolution from troubled youth to mature champion of conflict resolution and social activism, Magdaleno Rose-Avila is launching a daring initiative to combat the growing phenomenon of gang violence that is ravaging post-war El Salvador. Lire la suite

Karen Spencer

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2015

El Salvador
Karen Spencer’s organization, Whole Child International (Niñez Integral in Spanish), is working at every level of the childcare, and particularly, orphanage system, to improve quality of care and ultimately improve outcomes for the most vulnerable children. Through methods backed by scientific... Lire la suite

Ramon Aristides Valencia Arana

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2003

El Salvador
By developing a new process of horizontal democratic participation in a region of resettled war zones, Ramón Arístides Valencia is helping communities both identify their needs for reconstruction and development and find ways to meet them. Lire la suite