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Emad Mubarak Abd El-Raheem is introducing the concept of academic freedom as a right in Egypt. Through his work with students, professors, administrative staff, the media, and citizen organizations, he is promoting academic freedom so it can be universally guaranteed in Egyptian universities. Lire la suite

Ehaab Abdou

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2004

Ehaab Abdou is engaging Egypt’s very large number of educated young people in meaningful social work. He welcomes budding leaders into a dynamic network that nurtures their talents and encourages the creation of innovative development projects. Lire la suite

Mohamed Abou El Naga

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2007

Mohamed Abou El Naga is working to create sustainable employment in rural villages and communities in Egypt by reviving the traditional craft of papermaking. His process addresses a number of challenges in the community, including providing skills and work to the unemployed, women, and the disabled;... Lire la suite
Abla Al Alfy is creating a cadre of skilled child nutrition professionals to support mothers during the first two years of their child’s life, a critical age for cognitive and physical development. These Child Nutritional Counselors provide valuable information and skills to mothers through... Lire la suite

Kamel Al Asmar

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2012

Kamel Al Asmar is promoting volunteerism in a structured and professional way in the Levant by encouraging youth to volunteer and create change in their communities. Through the use of a website, networking initiatives, training citizen organizations on volunteer management, and an online assessment... Lire la suite

Salah Arafa

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2004

Salah Arafa pioneered the concept of community based participatory development in Egypt. With a focus on both rural squatter communities and on emerging desert communities (the future of Egypt), Salah’s Basaysa model combines local resources with rural civic engagement to promote social advancement... Lire la suite

Raphaelle Ayach

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2015

Raphaelle is humanizing intercultural relationships for children. As a start, she is building an empathetic, culturally sensitive generation. In doing so, Raphaelle is breaking the cycle of elitism that is associated with opportunities for geographical mobility, exposure, and intercultural... Lire la suite

Magdy Aziz

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2005

Magdy Aziz is promoting gender equality in Egyptian society by teaching children about their rights and empowering them to exercise them. Starting in the city of Minya, he is working through the existing educational system to provide boys and girls alike a venue to express themselves freely while... Lire la suite

Tamer Bahaa

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2003

Tamer Bahaa guides people who are deaf and mute both to claim their rights as citizens and to overturn damaging stereotypes about their abilities. Lire la suite
The millions of people working in Egypt’s informal economy face high occupational risks and low standards of legal protection. In the informal sector, health insurance, job security, and basic rights are both vitally important and very rare. The dangerous, grueling work of the country’s more than... Lire la suite