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José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Costa Rica
José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal founded the Fundación Acción Joven (Foundation for Youth Action), a Costa Rican citizen organization that allows university students to fulfill required community service hours through specially designed projects in public secondary schools. Lire la suite

Alberto Alfaro

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2017

Costa Rica
Alberto Alfaro is increasing medical accessibility in Costa Rica through connecting patients with private-sector, expedited and specialized medical treatment, and complementing treatment with preventative education. Through building partnerships and connections with private hospitals, patients, and... Lire la suite
María Marta Camacho has developed a new style of teaching mathematics to children, with an emphasis on building confidence and having fun. Lire la suite

Lauren Diaz Arias

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Costa Rica
Lauren Diaz aims to transform prisons in Costa Rica into true rehabilitation centers, as they are originally meant to be, and with this, empower inmates, decrease recidivism and develop a more empathic society that understands and reintegrates ex-convicts, keeping them away from crime. Lire la suite

José Dualok Rojas Ortiz

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1996

Costa Rica
José Dualok has designed the first comprehensive strategic development plan to unite all indigenous groups in Costa Rica. The larger aim is to spread this model to indigenous populations worldwide. Lire la suite

Manfred Kopper

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2013

Costa Rica
Manfred Kopper is ensuring that Costa Rica becomes carbon neutral through the mobilization of the public and private sectors to reduce their environmental impact. Through an innovative model of calculation and analysis, Manfred shows decision-makers their environmental impact in a simple and... Lire la suite

Laura Lang Patiño

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Costa Rica
Laura Lang’s Climate Change Friendly Program draws upon the respective strengths of four institutional partners—a citizen organization (CO), two academic institutes, and a private company—to make carbon emissions trading accessible for ordinary citizens and small businesses in Costa Rica. Lire la suite

Lidiethe Madden Arias

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1999

Costa Rica
Lidiethe Madden Arias has established a demonstration farm and agricultural training center to improve the organization and efficiency of rural production, thereby addressing the gap in income and living standards between peasant families and urban dwellers. Lire la suite

Marieta Quesada

Ashoka Fellow since mar 1998

Costa Rica
Marieta Quezada is changing the long-established pattern in Costa Rican society that treats disabled people as invisible, passive recipients of professional assistance and charity. Through her personal and professional life, Marieta is demonstrating that disabled people can be protagonists of their... Lire la suite
While Costa Rica’s land conservation efforts are exemplary, its seas are among the most contaminated in the region and its coral reefs have been depleted over the last twenty years despite the efforts of leading technical experts who directed massive government investments into marine conservation.... Lire la suite