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Marta Arango

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2006

Marta Arango has revolutionized early childhood care, education and development in Colombia by including families, communities, and childcare professionals. Her approach prepares youngsters for effective learning prior to entering the conventional school system. Lire la suite

Sergio Arango

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2008

Sergio Arango and his organization, Fundación Espavé, are developing community enterprise initiatives in Colombia’s Pacific coast region that identify latent business opportunities in these communities’ traditional use of forest resources. As a result, Espavé is achieving economic development and... Lire la suite

Edgar Ardila

Ashoka Fellow since fév 1995

Colombian lawyer Edgar Ardila is developing community-based mechanisms for citizens to use at local, national and global levels to reduce violence in their society. Lire la suite
Constanza Ardila has developed a pedagogical methodology through which Colombians can trace the source of violence in their own lives, so as to control the aggressive tendencies that were sown in their youth and thereby help to break the current cycle of violence in Colombia. Lire la suite

Juan David Aristizábal Ospina

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2012

Juan David Aristizábal is producing a culture of active changemaking among Colombian youth through Buena Nota, a platform showcasing socially minded initiatives and engaging the broader community in their development. Lire la suite

Patricia Ariza

Ashoka Fellow since nov 1997

Patricia Ariza is promoting social empowerment among Colombia's most excluded sectors of society, including indigenous people, blacks, drug addicts, women displaced by violence, and especially youth. Her movement enables these groups to engage with society at large, and in safe community-based... Lire la suite

Libardo Ariza

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1997

Libardo Ariza, who grew up in the war-torn town of Velez, Colombia, has developed an alternative retirement model that aims to return to the countryside victims displaced by violence. He works with groups of retirees and pre-retirees to help them acquire and manage plots of farming land in their... Lire la suite

Camilo Arjona

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Camilo Arjona is opening the door for social development and peace building in remote areas of Colombia, many of which have no government presence, through his organization, Alas para la Gente (Wings for the People). By delivering much needed healthcare, Camilo is introducing key allies to the... Lire la suite
Ana Teresa Bernal is unifying and strengthening the voice of civil society so that it can play an active role in promoting peace and social justice in Colombia. Lire la suite

Daniel Buriticá

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2015

Daniel Buritica has created a social integration model which develops entrepreneurial skills in young people. By utilizing a national law that makes 80 hours of social service compulsory for students, he involves them in a step by step process of recreational but transformative social experiences so... Lire la suite