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Raul Oscar Abasolo Trincado

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2002

Raúl Abásolo has devised a support and social integration system for marginalized youth that combines nonviolent channels of expression and access to health, education, and job opportunities with the creation of greater acceptance of these vulnerable youth within the broader society. Lire la suite

Ximena Abogabir

Ashoka Fellow since fév 1995

Ximena Abogabir Scott is implementing a new approach in the field of informal environmental education that will both enhance the effectiveness of the numerous organizations that are currently working in that field and stimulate urgently needed citizen participation in more general civic activities.... Lire la suite
Aware from personal experience of the failures of the Chilean school system in serving the needs of indigenous people and, more generally, in instilling respect for people of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, José Ancán is working to remedy these institutional deficiencies. He is developing... Lire la suite

Brenda Araque

Ashoka Fellow since mar 1997

In a semi-urban area on the outskirts of Santiago, Brenda Araque is helping particularly disadvantaged women launch micro-enterprises that will benefit themselves, their families, and the larger community. The centerpiece of her undertaking is a revolving loan fund, but Brenda and her associates... Lire la suite

Rodrigo Calcagni

Ashoka Fellow since fév 1995

Rodrigo Calcagni is strengthening Chile's microenterprise sector and expanding the much-needed economic opportunities that it provides, through a network of community development centers and an overarching organization that facilitates learning, information flows and cooperative ventures throughout... Lire la suite

Jaime Alberto Carril Rojas

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2002

By promoting shared traditional values like solidarity, responsibility, generosity, fitness, and respect, Jaime Carril is working to improve the general quality of life in Chile. Lire la suite
Pedro Chaná, a trailblazing physician, is changing how patients and doctors work together to achieve more effective treatment for chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonias. He created a healthcare community in which all participants—physicians, patients, their families and support... Lire la suite

Carmen Cisternas

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

Carmen Cisternas is improving learning among poor youth by engaging the community as a whole in the educational process and converting the school into a center for addressing a broad array of community needs. Lire la suite

Gabriel Coddou

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1996

In indigenous communities in southern Chile, Gabriel Coddou is organizing children's choral groups that present songs in their native language's in festivals and concerts throughout the country. In addition to developing the musical talents of their participants, the choral groups are playing... Lire la suite

Macarena Currin

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2003

Macarena Currín is breaking through the myriad, interrelated problems that keep the poorest down by helping families address their challenges rigorously and holistically. Lire la suite