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Ashundep Ateba Ettanki

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1996

Ashundep Ettanki is building the base of remote rural economies in Africa by showing villagers how to pool their resources, learn ways around burdensome government regulations and utilize mass communications to coordinate their activities. Lire la suite

Maxine Moffett

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2012

Maxine Moffett is working to increase digital literacy and lower the cost of access to online information in Cameroon. Through this work, she is bridging the digital divide that excludes Cameroonians from the benefits of digital infrastructure and information exchange. Lire la suite

Coco Mousa

Ashoka Fellow since juil 1994

CoCo Bertin Mousa, who was born partially blind and lost all his sight by the age of fifteen, is building Cameroon's first association of blind people to provide mutual encouragement and support and to initiate an array of income generating and public education activities. Lire la suite

Tantoh Nforba

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2012

Tantoh Nforba (Farmer Tantoh) is creating a new generation of citizen leaders with citizen-led solutions to maintain the integrity of water catchment areas in both rural and urban areas. Lire la suite

Samuel Ngnitedem

Ashoka Fellow since mar 1996

A Christian minister, Samuel Ngnitedem left his parish to rededicate his life to the street children of Cameroon's cities. Samuel is driven to improve the circumstances of street children fundamentally and to that end has devised effective new ways to reintegrate them into society. Among other... Lire la suite

Joseph Zingui

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1995

Joseph Zingui is building an alternative family and community based movement to love and care for Cameroon's orphaned, disadvantaged and poor children. Lire la suite