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Claude Ariste is encouraging the individual fruit and vegetable producers in Burkina Faso's fresh produce sector to form cooperatives and increase their revenue through collaborative training, production, and marketing. This framework has the added benefits of enhancing nutrition for farmers and... Lire la suite

Léon Badiara

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2012

Burkina Faso
Leon is combatting extreme poverty and improving health levels by modernizing milk production by educating and spreading financial resources for the poorest farmers throughout Burkina Faso and neighboring countries. Lire la suite
In 2001, Bagnomboé Bakiono created the African Network for Youth Health and Development in Burkina Faso (RAJS/BF) to address issues related to HIV/AIDS and to promote sexual health among youth. Today Bagnomboé is developing the network in West Africa and linking it to a larger network in other parts... Lire la suite
Blandine is transforming the image of the most marginalized women in extreme poverty through economic empowerment, education and improved health. She is starting with one of the least respected groups of women – traditional beer producers – and is making them a model example of successful, educated,... Lire la suite

Pando Zéphirin Dakuyo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2013

Burkina Faso
Although African plants used in traditional remedies have many beneficial and healing properties, they are often perceived as obscure and excluded from modern healthcare. Dr. Pando Zéphirin Dakuyo is bringing traditional African medicine out of the shadows by applying the same rigorous standards to... Lire la suite
Ini Damien (Burkina Faso 1997) is working to improve the situation of women in Burkina Faso and to conquer the socio-cultural resistances which can threaten the sustainability of these changes, through a harmonious use of both cultural traditions and plans for change. Her work will extend to the... Lire la suite

Aminata Diallo

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Burkina Faso
Aminata Diallo is pioneering support and prevention services for teenage pregnancy in southwest Burkina Faso, encouraging young pregnant girls to remain in school despite long-standing cultural traditions that exclude them from educational opportunities. Her work persuades school, village and... Lire la suite

Guilla Gifty

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2010

Burkina Faso
Guilla Gifty is facilitating small farming families to become more self-aware by guiding them to create a “Balance Sheet of Personal Competencies,” an exercise for farmers to reflect on their families and businesses and become more effective. In addition to developing this exercise, Guilla gathers... Lire la suite

Paul Taryam Ilboudo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2010

Burkina Faso
Thirty years ago Paul Taryam Ilboudo found a way to integrate trilingualism into teaching literacy. Instead of denying access to local languages in education, Paul engineered fast paced courses that use local languages as the building blocks for literacy. With increased student self-confidence and... Lire la suite
André-Eugène Ilboudo is building a nonpartisan citizen movement that is opening up a new political space in Burkina Faso that reflects the democratic expression of ordinary citizens and stands in deliberate contrast to the state, political parties and dominant special interest groups. Lire la suite