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Carlos Andre Abreu Carneiro

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2005

The Brazilian prison system serves over 300,000 imprisoned citizens in the country, of which 70 percent are young people. The violence that reigns in the system puts the jailed population at constant risk. André Abreu developed a participatory model for social reintegration of jailed youths in Ceará... Lire la suite

Thiago Ackel Mundano

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2015

Thiago Mundano created Pimp My Carroça, a movement that uses graffiti, art, and viral social media to give visibility and dignity to garbage collectors in Brazil, who are important but marginalized recycling agents. His initiative is already producing legal in cultural changes in how these workers... Lire la suite

Andre Albuquerque

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009

André has created an innovative mediation process that peaceably resolves land conflicts in major Brazilian cities, while also promoting local development and empowering low-income communities. Terra Nova’s actions produce reasonably prompt resolutions of longstanding conflicts and satisfy all... Lire la suite

Edinéa Alcântara

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2001

Edinéa Alcântara is a civil engineer who helps low-income residents plan and build public works projects. While acquiring job skills, residents learn how to use local materials to improve both urban spaces and the environment in their community. Lire la suite

Mary Allegretti Zanoni

Ashoka Fellow since avr 1987

Mary Allegretti has made it her life's work to conitnue the efforts of the late Chico Mendes to fight fo the rights of rubber tappers against those who would destroy the rainforest that serves as their source of income. Lire la suite

Tibério Alloggio

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1998

Tiberio Alloggio is turning community-based ecotourism–an ideal medium for the preservation of indigenous culture and the conservation natural resources–into an effective economic solution for the river populations of the Amazon region. Lire la suite

Sebastião Alves

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2015

Sebastiao has developed a model for creating sustainable farming practices and increasing quality of life in rural sertão by combining local knowledge with modern agriculture technology. This new development model is spread through Brazil’s northeastern region and can be applied anywhere in the... Lire la suite
Manoel Eduardo, a 31-year old lawyer who was the first Ombudsman of the southern city of Curitiba, plans to help citizen groups learn how to increase their participation in and control over government. Lire la suite

Cybele Oliveira Amado

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2005

Cybele Amado believes that every child in Brazil deserves an excellent public education. To make her goal a reality, Cybele is creating a new set of social structures that encourages continuous learning and empowers communities to work with elected officials in ensuring quality education. Perhaps... Lire la suite

José Américo Silva Fontes

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1992

Dr. Jose Americo Silva Fontes is a pediatrician specializing in neonatal care from the northeastern city of Salvador. He has invented numerous medical devices that are lifesaving, simple, and affordable. He is now launching a foundation to put the equipment and know how that he has developed to use... Lire la suite